Social network marketing report

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What is the report about?

This report from Tom Chapman is a detailed analysis of social network marketing on Facebook and MySpace in the UK. You will learn about engagement marketing techniques used by brands in an attempt to tap into a user's social graph, and the opinions of social network users' who come into contact with brands on both platforms. The report features interviews with innocent drinks, MySpace UK, BBC Radio 1, MediaCom, Holler and includes a complete social network marketing road map.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

"Welcome to the exciting world of network branding. Tom Chapman provides an interesting and incisive view of the possibilities for brand engagement through the major networking sites."
- Ashok Rachhod BSc., MSc., MBA, PhD and FCIM - Course Director and Senior Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

How does this report apply to my business?

If you are responsible for your brand's digital marketing strategy and would like to understand more about social network marketing and the hot topic of engagement marketing, the key findings from this report combined with Tom Chapman's social network marketing concept map will enable you to identify and build a social network marketing strategy for your brand.