Social network marketing report

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Support for the report

"This is a really exciting piece of research and offers great insight into social network marketing for brand and marketing professionals. It takes branding knowledge into the new multi-media sphere where it now firmly resides. Intelligent marketers need to take the new developments seriously."
- Ashok Rachhod BSc., MSc., MBA, PhD and FCIM - Course Director and Senior Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

"Tom - a great job! I did enjoy reading your report in Helsinki last week"
Alan Moore - the originator of the term, philosophy and principles of Engagement Marketing.

This report was featured by Brand Republic, NMA, e-Consultancy, Dave Chaffey, Dan Thornton, Contagious Magazine, W&V, Roo Reynolds, Real Fresh TV, Danah Boyd and Jason Falls to name but a few.