Social network marketing report

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Tom Chapman - The Author

Tom Chapman has been a marketing professional since 2004 and is currently Head of Marketing for one of the UK's leading Internet Service Provider's.
He is the author of this report which was originally a thesis for his Masters degree. Tom has dedicated the past year to researching social media, social network marketing, engagement marketing and how these exciting trends have had an impact on brands and the entire marketing process.

As part of the study Tom focused on social networks and brands use of the platforms to build loyalty, maintain loyalty and crowd sourcing consumer conversation. This in-depth analysis led to the development of his social network marketing concept map which can be used by brand and marketing practitioners in the strategic planning and execution of social network marketing campaigns.

Tom founded an online exhibition company in 2007 which was featured by Previously Tom set up an Internet radio station which was chosen as an official content provider for BTís UK Broadband launch in 2001 and wrote articles for Internet publications on streaming media and online broadcasting. At the same time he co-founded a national new music publication which achieved ABC certification as the third largest music monthly and was responsible for forming online relationships with EMI, Virgin and Sony to name but a few. Tom has been interviewed by the Guardian New Media and B2B Marketing Magazine.